Bǚg Bazaar and Party Bugs are the auxiliary company names and brands of the Finnish company Crickets Online Oy, founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Pasi Porkka for trading and production of edible insect products.

Crickets Online Oy does not have its own webpage.

This page is an outdating copy of Bǚg Bazaar‘s own page.

Buy edible insects online!

Bǚg Bazaar shop is our insect food online store where you can buy snack insects as well as insect powders online


We have edible crickets online for sale but also many other exciting exotic insects. Try edible insects as snacks or use them for cooking delicious insect food.

“WOW! This is better than chips!”

If you like bread or roasted beans, you'll probably like roasted ready-to-eat insects as well. The flavored insect snacks were mind-blowing. Worms that taste like cotton candy or gingerbread are cool. And the chili crickets! They really rock!

The healthier and tastier snacks!

Would you like to have gently flavored roasted crickets on your salad or find an alternative to popcorn as your flick company? How about kick-starting a party with HOT and SPICY crickets?

Crickets are superfood! In roasted insects, 60-70% of the net dry weight is protein. They also contain a lot of healthy fats as well as micronutrients like iron, magnesium, and zinc.

When eating insect snacks, you don’t need to fear trans fats and carbohydrates!

A delicacy with a great history

Entomophagy, which describes the practice of eating insects by humans, has long traditions and has always been around. Ancient Romans and Creeks luxuriated in with insects and French still crunch grasshoppers between wine glasses.

Cockchafers were considered as a delicacy in France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, and Valakia long until the 20th century.

We all eat at least half a kilo of insects every year hidden inside and as a part of our normal food.

Insect consumption is common in 80% of the world and 2 billion people feast with edible insects. Their insect food recipes are waiting for you!

Trendy Cooking

Bugs crawl into cocktails of the trendiest Hollywood parties and big supermarket chains introduce new insect snacks brands. Start your gourmet trip to insect food wonderland and buy the highest quality insects from Bǚg Bazaar. And don’t forget our insect powders for cooking and baking!

Not that expensive protein

The protein content in dried insects and insect flours is 60 – 70% which is 3–4 times more than the protein content in fresh meat or ready-to-cook vegetarian meat substitutes. One can easily calculate and come to the result that the cost of a protein kilo is about the same in good quality beef, vegetarian meat substitutes and dry insect products.

Food for Future

Insects can be grown sustainably, very efficiently, and they have a much higher food conversion rate than conventional livestock. Production hygiene is very high as the production becomes increasingly automatized. The principles of the circular economy can be followed as insects can be fed with the leftover vegetarian feed from food production.

How to get started with insects?

The best way to start your adventure with insects is to buy edible insects from our online shop and start experimenting. Are you looking for edible crickets for sale? Or  maybe locustsmealworms or buffalo worms? Or something more exotic like scorpionsmopane wormswater bugs or silkworm pupae?

How about cooking with our highest quality cricket flour or trying our
cricket powder on yogurt?

Visit our web store and surprise yourself!


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